Larry Ellisons Cloud Design Goals

Bei der Eröffnungskeynote der Open World 2015 hat Larry Ellison die 6 wichtigen Design Goals für die Oracle Cloud:

  • Low cost. Not only will Oracle be price competitive with its cloud infrastructure services, it will help customers by automating as much of their cloud operations as possible.
  • Reliability. “There can be no single point of failure,” Ellison said. “In fact, there can’t be failures at all.”
  • Performance. “The faster you run, the fewer resources you use to get something done.”
    Standards-based design. Makes it very easy to “lift and shift” applications from on-premises to the cloud.
  • Complete compatibility. On-premises technology and Oracle cloud services will be compatible.
  • “Always on” security. At both the database and silicon level. In terms of an enterprise priority, Ellison said, “I would put security on top.”



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